De Vreede Immigration Law is specialised in serving international employers and employees. We are also widely recognised for our active involvement in the creative industry.

We work for businesses and individuals active in the fields of ICT, commodities, energy, technology, trade and the food industry from North America, the Middle East and Asia. In addition, our lawyers advise international governmental organisations, non-profit organisations, artists, highly skilled professionals, national and international cultural initiatives and exchange programs.

We are particularly proud of our reputation as an expert in the area of Highly Skilled Migrants.

De Vreede Immigration Law serves clients from all over the world and has been actively involved in “building the bridge” between the Netherlands and India. We are now supporting a similar trade endeavour between the Netherlands and the U.S. Our expertise in immigration and employment law is widely recognised and De Vreede Immigration Law has become a prominent adviser to the Dutch government on immigration legislation and policy.

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