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Ester de Vreede founded De Vreede Immigration Law in 2006. She is specialised in immigration law for businesses and individuals. Ester has extensive experience assisting international companies establish subsidiaries in the Netherlands.

In a short period of time, De Vreede Immigration Law has become a leading law firm in the areas of international migration and employment law. The practice currently comprises five lawyers, each with their own area of expertise. It is well known that De Vreede Immigration Law seldom has to litigate and our reputation is unsurpassed, which is why the Dutch Government regularly consults us.

In today’s globalizing world, the field of migration is becoming increasingly important; at the same time, legislation is complex and subject to change. Both companies and individuals have to deal with complicated procedures to become established in the Netherlands. De Vreede Immigration Lawyers makes legislation transparent and manageable for our clients. We give advice, help with practical matters and supervise complex processes from start to finish.

De Vreede Immigration Law was founded with a specialization in legal immigration law. Over time the practice has expanded to include employment law, reflecting our experience that expatriates and entrepreneurs settling in the Netherlands often confront difficult employment issues. To best assist both businesses and individuals migrating to the Netherlands, it is important to remain aware of the most current employment legislation, particularly in the case of possible dismissal.

We have experience with large and small companies, start-ups and existing businesses in various sectors (such as trade, technology, ICT, commodities, energy and the food industry) from various regions, including North America, the Middle East and Asia (China, India, Japan and Korea.) We also represent governmental and non-profit organizations, as well as individual migrants and cultural organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We assist businesses, organizations and individuals from around the world seeking to become established in the Netherlands. Of course, in some cases we offer reduced rates or pro bono services. De Vreede Immigration Law is registered with the (Dutch) Legal Aid Board and can accept qualifying cases.

De Vreede Immigration Law is committed to having a positive impact on the communities we serve. That is why we adopted a Cruyff Court in Mumbai India. Through the Cruyff Courts initiative the Johan Cruyff Foundation is bringing quality football fields to underprivileged neighborhoods throughout the world and we are happy to partner with them. Ester de Vreede also serves as Secretary of the Amsterdam Cello Biennale and De Vreede Immigration Law is a proud sponsor of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble.

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