Dutch Citizenship

The rules with regard to obtaining Dutch citizenship are stipulated in the Netherlands Nationality Act. There are three ways of acquiring Dutch citizenship: by being born to a Dutch father or Dutch mother, through naturalisation or via the option procedure.

To become a Dutch citizen via the naturalisation procedure several requirements have to be met. The applicant must have resided legally in the Netherlands for an uninterrupted period of five years directly prior to the application. This period is reduced to three years if you are married to a Dutch citizen. The applicant should furthermore have no criminal record, passed his civic integration exam and be willing to renounce its original nationality. Persons who are married to a Dutch citizen do not need to renounce their original nationality. The application process can take up to a year. Exemptions to these requirements are possible with the exception of having no criminal record.
The option procedure is faster and does not require the applicant to pass the civic integration exam. However this procedure is reserved for a limited group of people who have a special bond with the Netherlands.

Our lawyers are happy to advise you with regard to the possibility of obtaining Dutch citizenship and assist you in the application procedure. We can of course also represent you during objection and court proceedings if your application has been rejected.

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